What I Offer:


Line edits: This includes cutting/tightening, word choice issues, pointing out missed opportunities, formatting issues, highlighting those words/lines that are really working, etc.

Big picture: This includes suggestions for revision and an examination of the story as a whole. What's working well? How are the basic story elements functioning (characters, plot, setting, point of view, etc.)? How is the pacing? The narrative voice? Is there enough tension? I love looking at character arc, their motivations, decisions, etc. I can also help with market ideas, places that might be a good fit for your story. I love diving in and really pushing a story!

My Qualifications:

*  12+ years teaching creative writing (at Chapman University, Orange County School of the Arts, UC Irvine-extension)

*  10 years leading private workshops and freelance editing

*  17 short stories published in various literary journals and anthologies

*  Editor-in-Chief of Flash Frog

*  Previously read/edited for the Chestnut Review  and Flash Fiction Magazine

*  MFA in Creative Writing & MA in Literature from Chapman University


Flash < 1,000 words: $20

1,001 - 4,000 words: $50

4,001 - 8,000 words: $100

Got A novel? Let's Talk!

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