I love helping writers hone their craft and push their stories. I love to celebrate those lines that jump off the page, but I'm also tough. If something's not working, I'm going to tell you. Really looking forward to diving in with both new and veteran writers to get our hands dirty in the revision process.

What I Offer:

Line edits: This includes cutting/tightening, word choice issues, pointing out missed opportunities, formatting issues, highlighting those words/lines that are really working, etc.

Big picture: This includes suggestions for revision and an examination of the story as a whole. What's working well? How are the basic story elements functioning (characters, plot, setting, point of view, etc.)? How is the pacing? The narrative voice? Is there enough tension? I love looking at character arc, their motivations, decisions, etc. I can also help with market ideas, places that might be a good fit for your story.

My Qualifications:

*  10 years teaching creative writing at Chapman University

*  12 years teaching creative writing at Orange County School of the Arts

*  10 years leading private workshops and freelance editing

*  5 years teaching creative writing at UC Irvine extension

*  14 short stories published in various literary journals and anthologies

*  Former Fiction Editor at Flash Fiction Magazine. Current Reader at the Chestnut Review

*  MFA in Creative Writing & MA in Literature from Chapman University


Flash < 1,000 words: $25

1,001 - 4,000 words: $75

4,001 - 8,000 words: $125

Got A novel? Let's Talk!

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