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Flash Flood (Part I)

I decided to change it up a little this month, taking a quick break from sharing a story and Q&A. In wanting to help continue the growth of the flash fiction community, I chose twenty of my favorite online flash publications to spotlight. Of course, for every magazine here, there are a handful of other worthy markets left off the list. But so it goes. I can say with the utmost confidence, however, that each of the lit mags below (many of which have already been showcased on previous FLASH on the FIVE posts) have repeatedly put out the best in today's flash fiction.

I'm sure many of you are already more than familiar with them, but if not, definitely check out each one, whether it be to read and/or to submit. In any case -- in no particular order -- here is the first half of the Flash Flood:

Est. 2003 / Quarterly issues / <1,000 words

FUN FACT: Each quarter Smokelong invites an editor and teacher from the flash community to join as a senior editor and instructor in their quarterly online workshop.

Est. 2020 / Weekly story / <1,000 words

FUN FACT: Contests! Contests! Contests! Whether it's an upcoming debut print anthology or a ghost/fairy tale theme, Fractured is the place to go for fun contests!

Est. 2014 / Two stories a week / <500 words

FUN FACT: Cheap Pop has been holding monthly Zoom readings that have been fantastic. Highly recommend!

Est. 2002 / Weekly story / <2,000 words

FUN FACT: Monkeybicyle also has a weekly series called "If My Book..." where authors compare their newly-published books to weird off-the-wall objects.

Est. 2018 / Weekly story / <1,500 words

FUN FACT: Okay Donkey also has an outstanding press, where they have published stunning books of poetry and flash fiction.

Est. 2019 / Weekly story / <750 words

FUN FACT: Milk Candy also includes two interview questions with the author about their piece. A Q&A about flash stories? Now that's something I can get behind!

Est. 2018 / Quarterly issues / <1,000 words

FUN FACT: Bending Genres is also home to outstanding workshops from a variety of talented writers and instructors.

Est. 2012 / Monthly issues / <1,000 words

FUN FACT: Split Lip's monthly issues have such a variety beyond flash fiction: they also include poetry, longer fiction, art/photography, interviews, and reviews!

Est. 2018 / 3-5 stories/week / ~1,200 words

FUN FACT: Sure, a lot of places can include poetry or CNF, but how many also publish comics? XRAY does!

Est. 2017 / Weekly story / <1,000 words

FUN FACT: Each published story includes an author’s note and an editorial introduction that each discuss craft and stylistics in the work.

Definitely check these places out, and I'll come back with another ten in a couple weeks!

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