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"Best of..." Anthologies 2022

With the recent announcement of the Wigleaf Top 50, I consider that the exciting conclusion of the 2022 Flash Fiction Award Season. And since I'm such a lover of short fiction and lit mags, as well as a huge baseball fan and therefore a lover of stats, I thought it would be fun to compile a tally of where all the stories in this year's Best of... anthologies came from this year.

Below, I've included the total count for any journal that had a least two stories selected. (Note: this is fiction only. No poetry or CNF selections have been counted.) And while there are many awards and lists out there, these are the four I'm pulling from:

Wigleaf Top 50 (the Longlist selections are not included)

Lastly, I want to make it clear that I don't mean to present this as a competition or value-ranking system. Some of my favorite mags are not on this list at all. It's all so subjective! But I do see this as 1) a celebration of amazing lit mags that are putting out great work and were fortunate enough to be chosen in these fantastic anthologies, and 2) a way to expose readers and writers to new mags they might not have seen before. So if nothing else, I hope people use this as a resource for finding new places to read, new places to submit. And I think it will be fun to do this again next year to see how different (or similar) the count is.

Congrats to all the lit mags included below (and the writers that got them here)! So without further ado, here are the totals from this year's anthologies:


Wigleaf (What makes this even more impressive is that Wigleaf stories are not eligible for the Wigleaf Top 50)





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