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"Best of..." Anthologies 2023

With the recent close of what I consider Flash Fiction Award Season, I always have fun tallying up the journals from where all the stories were selected. I know there are a lot of lists out there, but the totals below came from the following four "Best of" lists/anthologies:

To clarify, these counts are for fiction only (no poetry or CNF) and also do not include any finalists/longlists. Journals must have had at least 2 stories selected to make this scorecard, and you can also check out last year's count here. Of course it's great to see lot of the same journals we know and love, but it's also fun to see some new names as well!

Lastly, I always like to include the caveat that I don't see this as an objective merit-ranking system in any way. It's simply a fun way to celebrate the authors/stories/journals that were selected, and maybe introduce people to new journals they didn't previously know.






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