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San Francisco
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San Francisco

Latest News...

"Seven Minutes" was accepted by Longleaf Review and will be published on August 1st. There is also a launch party on Aug 1st @ 8pm EST, where I will be reading. Register here to attend!


"Before I Stepped Into the Water" was published in trampset on July 23rd .

"Smart Baby" was published in Flash Flood as part of National Flash Fiction Day, June 26th.

"Red" was published in Fictive Dream on June 25th.

I read "That Was the Year We" as part of the podcast Micro on June 24th. It was originally published in X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine in April.

"Poof!" was published in (mac)ro(mic) on June 21st.

Won first place in Versification's "Misfit Micros" Contest. "What I Want to Tell You the First Time You Mention Divorce in Front of Our Children" was published in the June issue.