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Dog Days of Summer: A look at 201 lit mags, who's open, closed, opening?

We are certainly in those long, sweaty dog days of summer, and in the world of subs & pubs this often means scratching our head wondering... who's still open? or who's reopening? So I did a quick & dirty search of 201 lit mags in hopes of creating a helpful cheat sheet.

A couple caveats to keep in mind:

* This reflects a search from 07/28/22 -- 08/04/22. Things may have already changed in some places (e.g. some mags close as soon as Submittable caps are reached).

* I'm looking at fiction only, these don't necessarily reflect poetry, CNF, etc.

* These may not take into account contests or specific themed calls. For the most part, this reflects general submissions.

* I hope this is a helpful starting point, but of course please read full submission guidelines before submitting.

* Apologies to mags not on the list. I promise it's nothing personal.

A Public Space: CLOSED

A-Minor: OPEN

Adroit Journal: CLOSED

AGNI: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Alaska Quarterly Review: CLOSED

Alien Magazine: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

American Literary Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

American Short Fiction: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Anti-Heroin Chic: OPEN

Arts & Letters: OPEN

Atlas + Alice: CLOSED

Atticus Review: CLOSED

Baltimore Review: CLOSED

Bandit Fiction: CLOSED

Barrellhouse: CLOSED

Barren Magazine: CLOSED

Bat City Review: OPEN (closing 9/30)

Bellingham Review: CLOSED (opening 9/15)

Bending Genres: OPEN

Berkeley Fiction Review: CLOSED (opening 8/18)

Birdseed: OPEN

Black Warrior Review: OPEN (closing 9/01)

Blue Mesa Review: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Bluestem: OPEN (closing 8/15)

Bodega: OPEN


Boulevard: CLOSED (opening 11/01)

Brilliant Flash Fiction: OPEN

Capsule Stories: OPEN

Catapult: CLOSED

Cease, Cows: CLOSED

Cheap Pop: CLOSED

Chestnut Review: OPEN

Chicago Review: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Cincinnati Review: OPEN (micros only, longer fiction opens 9/01)

Citron Review: OPEN (closing 12/06)

Cleaver Magazine: OPEN

Cobra Milk: OPEN

Colorado Review: OPEN

Columbia Journal: CLOSED

The Common: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Conjunctions: CLOSED

Copper Nickel: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Cotton Xenomorph: CLOSED

Crab Creek Review: CLOSED (opening 9/15)


Cream City Review: OPEN (closing 11/01)

Denver Quarterly: CLOSED (opening 10/01)


Door is a Jar: OPEN

The Drabble: OPEN

Electric Lit: CLOSED (opening 8/22)

Ellipsis Zine: CLOSED

Empty House Press: OPEN

Every Day Fiction: OPEN

Exposition Review: CLOSED (opening 9/15)

Fairy Tale Review: CLOSED

FEED: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Fiction Southeast: OPEN

Fictive Dream: OPEN

Five Points: OPEN

Five South: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

FlashBack Fiction: CLOSED

Flash Boulevard: OPEN

Flash Fiction Magazine: OPEN

Flash Fiction Online: OPEN

Flash Frog: OPEN

Flash Frontier: OPEN

Florida Review: OPEN

The Forge: OPEN

Fourteen Hills: CLOSED

Fractured Lit: OPEN

F(r)iction: OPEN

Funicular: CLOSED

Gargoyle: CLOSED

Georgia Review: CLOSED (opening 8/15)

Ghost Parachute: OPEN

Gone Lawn: OPEN

Gordon Square Review: OPEN (closing 10/01)

Greensboro Review: CLOSED (opening 12/15)

Guernica: OPEN

Gulf Coast: CLOSED (opening 9/01)


Harpoon Review: OPEN

Hayden's Ferry Review: CLOSED

Heavy Feather Review: OPEN

Hobart: OPEN

Iowa Review: OPEN (closing 10/01)

Indiana Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Invisible City: CLOSED (opening 9/16)

Janus Literary: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Jellyfish Review: CLOSED

Jet Fuel Review: CLOSED (opening 8/15)

JMWW: OPEN (closing 8/15)

Joyland: OPEN

Juked: OPEN

Kenyon Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Lascaux Review: OPEN

LEON Literary Review: CLOSED (opening 9/15)

Literally Stories: OPEN

Litro Magazine: OPEN

Longleaf Review: OPEN (closing 8/31)

Los Angeles Review: OPEN

Lost Balloon: CLOSED (opening 2023)

Lumiere Review: CLOSED

Lunch Ticket: OPEN (closing 9/01)

(mac)ro(mic): OPEN

Maudlin House: OPEN

McSweeney's: OPEN

Michigan Quarterly Review: OPEN (closing 11/01)

Mid-American Review: OPEN

Midnight Breakfast: CLOSED

Midway Journal: CLOSED (opening 2023)

Milk Candy Review: OPEN

Minnesota Review: CLOSED (opening 8/15)

Missouri Review: OPEN

Molotov Cocktail: OPEN

Monkeybicycle: OPEN

Moon City Review: OPEN

MoonPark Review: OPEN

Moss Puppy: OPEN (closing 10/01)

Nashville Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Necessary Fiction: OPEN

New England Review: CLOSED (opening 09/01)

New Flash Fiction Review: CLOSED

New Orleans Review: OPEN

Nimrod: CLOSED

Ninth Letter: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

No Contact: CLOSED

No Tokens: CLOSED

North American Review: CLOSED (opening 11/01)

Northwest Review: CLOSED (opening 8/15)

The Offing: CLOSED

Okay Donkey: OPEN

One Story: CLOSED (opening 10/04)


Paris Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Passages North: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Peatsmoke: OPEN

Penn Review: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Pidgeonholes: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

The Pinch: OPEN

Pithead Chapel: OPEN

Pleiades: CLOSED

Ploughshares: CLOSED (opening 2023)

Pop Shot: CLOSED

Porcupine Lit: OPEN

Porter House Review: CLOSED

Portland Review: CLOSED

Post Road: CLOSED

Prairie Schooner: CLOSED

Reckon Review: OPEN (closing 11/30)

Rio Grande Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

River Styx: CLOSED

The Rumpus: OPEN (closing 8/31)

The Rupture: CLOSED

Salamander: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Salt Hill: OPEN (closing 9/30)

Sewanee Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Short Fiction: CLOSED

SmokeLong Quarterly: OPEN

Sonora Review: CLOSED

South Dakota Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Southern Review: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Southwest Review: CLOSED

Spartan Lit: OPEN (closing 8/31)

Split Lip Magazine: OPEN

Splonk: CLOSED

Spry: OPEN

The Sun: OPEN

Superfroot Magazine: CLOSED

Superstition Review: OPEN (closing 8/31)

Sycamore Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Taco Bell Quarterly: OPEN (closing 9/05)

Tahoma Review: OPEN

Tampa Review: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Third Coast: CLOSED (opening 9/15)

Threepenny Review: CLOSED (opening 2023)

Timber: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Tiny Molecules: OPEN

trampset: OPEN

TriQuarterly: CLOSED (opening 10/01)

Versification: OPEN

Virginia Quarterly Review: CLOSED (opening 2023)

Vol. 1 Brooklyn: OPEN

Washington Square Review: OPEN

Waxwing Review: OPEN

West Branch: OPEN

West Review: OPEN

Whale Road Review: CLOSED (opening 12/15)

Wigleaf: CLOSED (opening final week of Aug)

Willow Springs: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

Wisconsin Review: OPEN

Wrongdoing Magazine: OPEN (closing 8/31)

X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine: CLOSED

Yale Review: CLOSED

Zoetrope: All-Story: CLOSED

Zone 3: OPEN

ZYZZYVA: CLOSED (opening 12/01)

100 Word Story: CLOSED (opening 9/01)

805 Lit + Art: OPEN

Good luck and happy subbing!

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